The Marginal Ride Anthology

published by Deux Voiliers Publishing (2019)

Edited by Ian Thomas Shaw, with contributions from Sang Kim, Jerry Levy, Michael Mirolla, Timothy Niedermann, Ursula Pflug, Ian Thomas Shaw, Geza Tatrallyay and Caroline Vu.​

What is it to be marginalized? To be left out of society? Your ambitions thwarted by your circumstances? A man wanting to be Noah, a sadistic bandy-legged thug, a young girl abandoned on a boat of refugees, kids seeing the world through a bowl of spoiled rice, the twilight of death's approach—these stories and more are the grist of The Marginal Ride anthology. Eclectic in style, unflinching to the art of short fiction, eight Canadian and American writers present a brilliant array of themes. And Deux Voiliers Publishing invites you to take the ride with them.

ISBN 978-1928049548

Upcoming Translations

The Unending Journey

by José del Pozo Artigas

Translated by Ian Thomas Shaw

to be published by Editorial Mapalé in 2020

The Unending Journey (El viaje interminable) is a novel about exile, a chronicle, which spans five decades of the history of Chile and Canada. The main character, Marcos, decides to leave Chile for Montreal as a consequence of the 1973 coup d'état, along with his wife Gabriela and his young daughter, Loreto. Marcos struggles with the duality of achieving his professional goals and the feeling of guilt for not having participated in the resistance to the dictatorship. Together with other exiled Chileans, the couple lives in different ways the nostalgia of the distant country, the discussions about politics, the integration in the new society and the questions about the national identity, all of which affects their relationship.

Choosing Eleonore

by Andrée A. Gratton

Translated by Ian Thomas Shaw

to be published by Guernica Editions 2021

Choosing Eleonore tells the story of a one-way friendship, of tragic loneliness. In it, award-winning Québec author Andrée A. Gratton explores the syndrome of the delusion of being loved. Centred on two young women: Eleonore and Marianne, this is Marianne's story. From the first sentence, we feel that something is wrong in her perception of reality. "Long before we met, Eleanore had been dreaming of me," she says. But who is this Eleanore, whom Marianne had never spoken to? What is so fascinating about her? Not humiliation, rebuffs or rejection will disabuse Marianne of her certainty of being loved by Eleanore.

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