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Praise for Soldier, Lily, Peace and Pearls

"The story offers an intricate, but highly readable and fast-paced plot. As the main characters travel the world, they educate the reader about the horrors of the Rwandan genocide, the cruelty of Asian drug traffickers, and even the human tragedy of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In an emotionally charged chapter early in the book, it challenges the reader with the moral dilemma of six-year-old Minh Chau when she must choose in a split second between the life of a good friend and her family’s safety. " 

Estelle Lucille, New Perspectives on Canadian Literature (click here for full review)



"The global setting for Soldier, Lily, Peace and Pearls is an intricate part of this book. Con Cú uses his familiarity with the diverse settings of Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Germany, Rwanda, Palestine, B.C. Quebec and Ottawa to create authentic settings for his story. The locations are not just colourful settings à la Hollywood. They and their contemporary history are a full and vibrant feature of the novel. A portrait of the current human condition emerges. As his many characters develop, we share their sorrows, joys and loves in a true kaleidoscope of events. While there is cruelty and tragedy this is counterbalanced by lust, passion and well crafted erotic love.​" — Michael Scott-Harston, Capital Literary Review (click here for full review)


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