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May 5 in Ottawa - Excited

I am pumped to be reading from Quill of the Dove in Ottawa tomorrow at the Vimy Brewing Company. Last Thursday's reading at Guernica Editions' Spring Launch at the Blue Metropolis Festival was quite the rush. And to be reading again alongside brilliant novelists like Arianna Dagnino (The Afrikaner) and Dave LeBlanc (Falconi's Tractor), memorist Rita Pomade (Seeker), poets Nicola Vuple (Insult to Brain), Raymond Filip (Rivers Applaud Forever) and Giovanna Riccio (Plastic's Republic) will be truly memorable.

The Ottawa launch is at the Vimy Brewing Company's new event space, 145 Loretta Avenue North, Ottawa.

Click below to join the Facebook invitation.

See you there :)

Ian Thomas Shaw

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