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My book launches for Toronto and Montreal are now lined up, and I am now musing over where to launch Quill of the Dove in Ottawa and other Canadian cities. The choice of venue is always a tough decision. In a bookstore or bar or café? Increasingly, authors are looking for more non-conventional venues to launch their books. A friend recently launched her latest book in a church community hall. Another in a synagogue. A third in a public library. Well, maybe the last is a little conventional.

My Toronto launch on April 14, 2019, is at the Supermarket Bar (268 Augusta Avenue) in the heart of the Kensington Market. This is the coveted space for book launches in Toronto, and I will be joined by a number of other Guernica authors. The Toronto launch promises to be a really entertaining afternoon. The Montreal launch will be at Paragraphe Bookstore on May 2, 2019, during the Blue Metropolis Festival. The bookstore is in the heart of downtown Montreal at 2220 McGill College Avenue (two blocks from McGill University where I graduated several decades ago). The time is still to be determined but most likely, it will be in the mid-afternoon. Both of these events are in the competent hands of Anna Geisler, Guernica Editions' associate editor and publicist. So I can sit back and enjoy things.

The additional launches may very well be up to me to organize. I hope to do one in Vancouver in early summer when I visit my family there, and will definitely looking for a suitable venue. Ideas, anyone? Calgary, Winnipeg, London (Ontario), Windsor, Kingston, Quebec City, Lennoxvillle, and Halifax are all on my radar screen. Juggling such a big number of launches will be daunting, but I did promise readers a cross-country tour so now is the time to put on my thinking cap and make it happen. Further afield, if translation deals can be swung for German and French, I would love to launch at Frankurt 2020 (Germany) and at Livre Paris (France). I will cross my fingers on those two :)

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